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barometer The barometer was invented by Evangelista Torricelli, a 17th century physicist and mathematician.  His colleague, Galileo, encouraged him to use mercury, and today's barometers operate in much the same way as the first barometer that Torricelli designed long ago in Italy.

Barometers are meteorological instruments that measure atmospheric pressure and can be used to forecast weather.  Because atmospheric pressure changes with the elevation above sea level, a barometer can also function as an altimeter, to measure altitude.  The two major types of barometer are the mercury barometer and the aneroid barometer.

weather barometer illustration A mercury barometer indicates pressure by the height of a mercury column that rises or falls in response to atmospheric pressure changes.  An aneroid barometer indicates pressure by the expansion and contraction of a metal disc covering a box containing a partial vacuum.  Some barometers, called barographs, are designed to record changes in barometric pressure over the course of time.  A barograph is made up of a partially evacuated metal cylinder.  This cylinder is attached to a pen arm, and the pen moves vertically when pressure changes.  The pen traces a record of pressure versus time on a chart.  This chart is mounted on a drum, which rotates slowly by means a clockwork. features links to selected barometer and weather instrument suppliers.  In addition to barometers, you will find thermometers for measuring temperature, anemometers for gauging wind velocity and force, hygrometers for determining atmospheric humidity, and weathervanes for indicating wind direction.  Some of these suppliers also offer electronic weather stations that include several of these instruments in one compact unit.

Barometer Manufacturers

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  • Robert White Instruments
    Offers a line of quality weather and marine instruments, including barometers, altimeters, and barographs.
  • Davis Weather
    Offers weather stations featuring state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices.
  • RainWise
    Manufactures professional meteorological equipment for consumer and industrial applications.  Products include solar powered wireless weather stations, data loggers, rain gauges, and anemometers, as well as barometers, thermometers, and other weather products.
  • Vaisala Weather Products
    Offers a line of barometric pressure instruments for weather stations, marine applications, and other meteorological uses.

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